Nagaland state lottery, sambad ,result,today

Hello thank you for visiting my website today we are going to try to explain the rules of Nagaland state lottery game and how it is played.

nagaland lottery

Hello thank you for visiting my website today we are going to try to explain the rules of Nagaland state lottery game and how it is played.

Nagaland state lottery 

Lotteries are played in many states in India. Nagaland is one of the best  lottery in India.Nagaland state lottery ticket costs Rs 6 only   lottery game is 4 times a day In Nagaland, his government holds a lottery with a prize of 1 core. 

nagaland lottery result today

1 pm Result

6 pm Result

8 pm Result

The lottery organized by the Nagaland government is called the Nagaland State lottery. For more information about Nagaland State lottery click on official website www.

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Nagaland State Lottery, also known as Nagaland State lottery is an annual multi-level sports event which takes place on the second day of the seventh lunar month of March. It involves a lottery with two rounds that take place two days each side of the first and last round in between. The Nagaland State lottery takes place on the sixth day before the end of the year and has been going on since 1991 by its original name. As per Nagaland State lottery official website, 

Nagaland state lottery (sport event) is one of main source of local income for district police, revenue minister, municipal commissioner etc,

Nagaland State lottery was started in the year 1886 by Rajiv Gandhi after he won a war against British forces in 1898. Nagaland State lottery had 8 rounds in total from these eight rounds there are three stages to fulfill these rounds like first, second, third and fourth. In this stage, the participants had to complete all the basic rules and regulations provided by government and they were required to fill out their identity cards, get photo id proofs and then have to carry an ID proof, complete their forms, make sure their passports are valid, register at least 6-7 days prior to the start date and leave at least 10-12 hours before the starting date. For registration and collection forms, there are no fees or any charges to do so as per Government Rules. But for other details about the event and how to participate in this Nagaland State lottery events, you need to visit the Official website of Nagaland state department of civil defense here. Here we will discuss each and every detail of Nagaland State lottery.

Nagaland State lottery Schedule 

Date Start Time of Event First Round – 1st Day, 5 pm 2nd Round 2nd Day, 7 pm 3rd Round 3rd Day, 9 am 4th Round 4th Day, 11 am

When You Get The Result Of Nagaland State lottery  When Nagaland State lottery Prize Money On Each Round Is Pradhan Mantri Adityanath Rs 51 lakhs Second Round – 2nd Day, 7 pm Third Round – 3rd Day, 16 pm Fourth Round – 4th Day 14 pm Fifth Round – 1st Day, 12 noon Sixth Round – 2nd Day, 9 am Seventh Round – 1st Day, 3 pm Eight Round – 3rd Day, 10 am Ninth Round – 2nd Day 2nd Day 20 pm Tenth Round – 3rd Day, 9 am Eleventh Round -1st & 2nd Days 2nd & 3rd 1st 1st 3rd 2nd 1st 8th 1st 15th 1st Advertisement

On the first day, Nagaland state officials announce the results, prizes, distribution of prizes etc. And on the second day, the second round happens. Then on the third day, people who qualify can grab the prize money with some of these prizes, such as the bag of gold and silver, cash prizes, car prizes etc. At the fifth round and the ninth round, the fourth and fifth rounds happen, so the Nagaland State lottery is very popularly called “the best”. On six rounds, prizes worth Rs 50,000s and Rs 1000s are given to those who manage to snatch these golden prizes while the remaining rounds are called by giving away cash prizes and prizes during previous rounds. The Nagaland state department publishes the final results along with detailed info and data of participation and winners in the form of list here. The winning names are posted on the website of the Nagaland state civil defense department and will be released soon on time for registration and submission of claims. If your name or a family member’s name is found in the list, the name will appear on this post and in the next online meeting which will be held at one of the government offices. Once submitted claims along with personal documents, the winner will be declared, and the money will be awarded in cash or gold coins by the state authorities. There is an option to claim for nomination, but only if you have at least 60 percent votes of your family members. To avail it, open the petition with signatures from at least 30 per cent of the family members or else the office would fail to accept them. Also submit a copy of the written admission of having taken part in Nagaland State lottery in order to declare as eligible for nomination. After submitting claims and waiting for declaration of winners, go to Nagaland state department website and click here to check the notifications. Thereafter to submit your claims, you will receive the winning amount by SMS. If you wish to claim by phone or online mode, send a request through mail. Claiming the prize money through mail is faster as compared to registering in person. Click here to know more. After knowing the winning amount, claim it here and wait for the receipt. However, you need not wait longer than the winner till the announcement of the award.

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