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चेतक रिजल्ट

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What is चेतक रिजल्ट lottery and play India lottery

Welcome to the lottery lovers group. are you searching for a chetak lottery, chetak result, chetak result chart, chetak result Matka, chetak result today, Matka chetak result then you are right website? This website can help you with the result chetak lottery today. I update the result from time to time when the result is released on the official website. you can see the results here.

This lottery is created by the play India lottery and www.playindialottery.com is the official website. this lottery is played from 9 am to 9 pm .1st draw in a day at 9 am and 2nd draw in a day at 9 .15 am 3rd draw at 9.30 and the total draw in a day 48 times and played lottery games are Sangam, chetak, super, Mp deluxe, Bhagya Rekha, Diamond.

chetak  lottery result chart चेतक रिजल्ट 

Table of contant
1 : What is Chetak lottery and play India lottery

2: chetak  lottery result chart

3 :How to play the chetak  lottery

4: How to see and download Chetak lottery result

How to play the chetak  lotteryचेतक रिजल्ट

1. Create a free account to play games

2. Login with your username and password

3. you can play ANDER,BAHAR and JODI games from morning, 09:00 PM to 09:00 AM

4. the result of the game opens in every 15 minutes

5. ANDER,BAHAR, ticket rate is Rs 11 and Rs 100 Win amount

6. JODI ticket rate is Rs 1.1 and Rs 100 Win amount

7. in ANDER and BAHAR game, 0-9 numbers A ,B ,C , D, E, F are series

8. Select Draw time to play games .

9. in the A ,B ,C , D, E, F series of ANDER BAHAR you bet on any one or more number fill and Submit

10. To play JODI games , select Submit 00-99 Numbers fill bet and submit

11. After draw time the computer is open Draw Result automatically.

12. Result matching

13. ANDER matching with the first number of results.

14. BAHAR matching with the second number of results.

15. JODI matching with the whole results.

How to see and download Chetak lottery result

Step 1: search Google on www.playindialottery.com this is official website

Step 2: select date for you searching result and click on search option.

Step 3: See your results in Sangam, Chetak, super,Mp deluxe ,Bhagya Rekha , Diamond.

Step 4:see days all lottery draw result.

Step 5: matching  and check your lottery tickets number.